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someone’s not taking the rehearsal seriously
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  ☆  2014:  The  Year  of  Super  Junior ☆

Eunhyuk told us that 2014 would be the year of Super Junior, and ELF never doubted it; every year SuJu just get bigger and better! 
So what have the boys achieved so far in 2014?
Super Junior completed their SS5 world tour (28 performances in 20 cities in 11 months), having performed for over 450,000 fans, bringing the total number of fans having attended Super Shows to 1.35 MILLION!
Super Junior's Super Show 5 DVD charted at #3 on Japanese Oricon chart on the day of its release
Super Junior gave a talk about the Hallyu wave at the National Assembly of Korea
SJ-M's 6th year anniversary
SJ-M released their 5th album / 3rd mini album, Swing 
At the SJ-M Swing press conference, over 1 million people tried to watch, overloading China IQIYI’s servers
SJ-M's first #1 on a Chinese music show for Swing, scoring a perfect 100 points (then win again the next week)
EunHae's first full length album released, titled Ride Me ˙ ͜ʟ˙
EunHae's album tops Oricon charts the day of release 
EunHae's first Japanese tour, holding 22 concerts in 8 cities
Leeteuk promoted to Sergeant, the highest rank for compulsory military service in Korea
Heechul starring in We Got Married Global
Hangeng officially qualifying to go into space!
Hangeng starred in the film Ex-Files
Hangeng winning Most Popular Male Artist at the QQ Music Awards
Hangeng and Siwon's first meeting in public since 2009 

Yesung's Korean and Japanese versions of Blind released as part of SM the Ballad, even though he's still in military service
Kangin MCing Show Champion, his first time hosting since 2009
Shindong celebrating his 6th year anniversary as host of ShimShimTapa
Shindong hosting indie label BALJUNSO’s showcase in Hongdae
Sungmin starring in the musical Summer Snow in Taiwan
Eunhyuk hosting the 23rd Seoul Music Awards
Zhou Mi's Chinese version of Blind released as part of SM the Ballad
Zhou Mi's first solo stage in Korea
Zhou Mi performing on the Chinese version of Immortal Song
Siwon's first appearance on Happy Together
Ryeowook MCing a new variety show, Super Idol Chart Show
Kyuhyun starring in the musical The Moon that Embraces the Sun
Henry starring in Real Men and massively boosting the shows ratings, sending the show to #1 for that time slot
And that was in just over 3 months! But there’s still plenty more to come:
Super Junior 7jib
Super Junior's 9th anniversary since debut
Super Junior variety show (possibly???)
Leeteuk's return from military service
Heechul starring in Flower Grandpa’s Investigation Unit
Hangeng starring in Transformers: Age of Extinction
Hangeng starring in Seek McCartney
Kangin starring in Laws of the Jungle 
Kangin starring in Cat Funeral
Shindong to MC alongside Kang Ho Dong in new program Stargazing (working title)
Shindong to MC for new program Idol Dance Off (working title)
Donghae starring in Rumours
Donghae starring in God’s Quiz season 4
Siwon starring in Billion Dollar Heir
Kyuhyun solo
Kyuhyun to star in Singin’ in the Rain musical
Henry solo comeback
Henry starring in Final Recipe
Henry starring in My Sweet City
This is solely the boys’ new work and achievements from this year, it isn’t even including all the dozens of ongoing musicals, radio shows, tv shows, CFs, etc, that they do on top of everything mentioned above (our boys are so hardworking ♥). 
I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come this year than what’s listed here. It’s going to be the best year yet! Let’s continue supporting our boys, ELF! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
P.S. Congrats to Kibum, who has qualified as a ninja. I couldn’t find any info about his promotions.
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